Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tragedy so easily avoided

Tragedy so easily avoided

The tragic loss of the life of motorist Carlos Dorn is appalling because the accident on Riverside Drive could have been so easily avoided.

Before anyone drives any vehicle towing a trailer, they should have at least rudimentary knowledge.

Irrespective of whether legally required, exercise of due diligence requires the use of dual safety chains for trailering. Without due diligence, negligence is probably self-evident.

It is imperative that the ball and hitch sizes be a match and that the safety chain lengths be appropriate. Proper trailer load weight distribution and securing is imperative.

Probably the most frequent trailering mal-practice is failure to cross-over the safety chains. The cross-over practice enhances making safe tight turns and most importantly, allows the trailer tongue to be caught on the chains above the roadway surface if the ball is jumped, thus avoiding the trailer tongue plowing into the roadway surface, possibly causing loss of control of the tow vehicle.

George Davidson

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