Monday, February 18, 2008

SUV hauling trailer wrecks on I-64 bridge

SUV hauling trailer wrecks on I-64 bridge

By Amelia A. Pridemore
Register-Herald reporter
An Iowa man pulling a U-Haul trailer wrecked on an Interstate 64 bridge Friday after a ball on the trailer hitch broke, sheriff’s deputies said.

Between 2:15 and 2:20 p.m., Carmello Fernandez, 48, of Dennison, Iowa, was driving eastbound on Interstate 64 in a Ford Expedition, said Deputy Mike Johnson of the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department. Fernandez was pulling a U-Haul trailer, and near the Eisenhower Drive exit, the ball on his trailer hitch broke off.

The break caused Fernandez to lose control of the SUV, Johnson said. The vehicle spun and hit a guard rail on the Beaver Creek Bridge. The loose trailer continued eastbound, going into the median.

A wrecker responding to the accident scene is believed to have been involved in a second wreck in the westbound lanes, Johnson said. This was handled by the West Virginia State Police. No further information was available about this accident.

Fernandez was treated at the scene for minor injuries, Johnson said. No citations were issued.

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