Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horses Trailer Crashes

8/8/2009 - Near Pronghorn.

Horses were on the highway Friday night in Deschutes County after a truck and trailer go into a spin. A Dodge pick-up towing a horse trailer was northbound on Powell Butte Highway about six o'clock Friday night. Around the Pronghorn subdivision, the driver briefly looked away from the road and the truck and trailer went off onto a rough shoulder. She then over corrected, going into a clockwise spin on the highway. The pick-up rolled over onto its top. The trailer landed on its side and there were horses inside.

"Right after the crash the horse were out of the horse trailer they have gotten out of the horse trailer they were running in traffic on Powell Butte Highway," said Lt. Shane Nelson from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office.

Traffic was down to one lane on the highway for about forty-five minutes. The driver was transported to Saint Charles with minor injuries, the passenger wasn't hurt, neither were the horses. They were taken away by a friend of the driver.

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