Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Accident in Richmond VA... Driver from Alaska losses Trailer


The Mother and Daughter were very lucky to not have lost total control of the vehicle and cause injury to themselves and others.

What if the trailer went into the travel lanes of I-95 what would have happened?

I noticed the Safety Chains were in poor condition and NO SAFETY LATCH WAS ON THE HITCH.

Where did it go? Was it ever even used? The reason the trailer came off was (This is an observation of examination of over 1,000 accidents.

The latch was not used or it was missing. The Safety Chains failed and the trailer separated from the vehicle.

It is the total lack of Education and information that has caused this to continue. Our Government has completely failed to address this since 1972 because of the U Haul and Utility Trailer Industry including Carry On trailers.

8 states do not even require safety chains!! Last week in Henrico I captured over 90 trailers in violation of safety codes.

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Where are the Right Lights?

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Who Made the Trailer? Any Standards Used?

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Hitch is questionable,, Who weld it to the Frame?
Where is the Safety Latch? How Long has this trailer been in this condition?

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