Sunday, March 1, 2009

'Lucky to be alive' ... Loose Trailer

Lucky to be alive'

8:46pm Thursday 26th February 2009

A Bradford shop worker escaped injury by inches when this trailer crashed through the front of the premises, coming to rest by his desk.

Witnesses said the trailer appeared to have come loose from a van in Toller Lane near to the junction with Duckworth Lane at about midday today.

It was reported to have careered across a grass verge and crashed through the glass front of Sarhad Money Exchange and Travel, damaging the door frame. Shop assistant Khan Farooq said: “We were just sitting inside and all of a sudden we heard a big bang and next thing we knew there was a van half way in the shop.

“We felt the building shake. We were in shock. It was only inches away from the desks where we were sitting, we feel lucky to be alive – it could have been a different story.”

Joanne Peel, of Approved Mortgage Services, watched the incident unfold through her shop window. She said: “There was a loud bang when the trailer must have come off and then it went over the verge.

“I just hoped no-one had been hurt. There’s always accidents round here, it’s a very, very busy junction.”

No-one was injured in the accident. Police are investigating.

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