Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crash blocks traffic through Elkton tunnel.... Loose Trailer is to blame

Note: Look at the condition of the trailer........... how was the trailer hooked up?
What if a gas tank exploded in the Tunnel?

By Megan Sweeney, KPIC News

ELKTON, Ore. -- Traffic was blocked for about 45 minutes after a car rammed a trailer in the Elkton tunnel Saturday. Police estimated more than fifty cars were at a stop for almost an hour on Saturday afternoon.

A trailer being pulled by an RV came loose for an unknown reason while the RV was driving through the Elkton tunnel. A vehicle coming from the opposite direction crashed into the trailer head-on.

Oregon State Police Trooper Brian Jewell said it was a mess for awhile. "The aftermath was that we had eastbound lane of travel was blocked for about 45 minutes until the tow trucks could remove both vehicles. The driver and passenger of the pickup were transported to Sacred Heart in Eugene, and it's unknown of their injuries."

Elkton fire responded from the west side of the tunnel, and North Douglas Fire and EMT came from the east side, to help with traffic control.

Police say they were very fortunate that there weren't more serious injuries in the crash.

Fire officials cleaned up debris from the accident and opened the tunnel again for the long line traffic to start moving again.

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