Sunday, October 28, 2007

Virginia police seeking information on hit-and-run wreck

Virginia police seeking information on hit-and-run wreck

The Virginia State Police are looking for the person involved in a hit-and-run crash Thursday near Pennington Gap which killed a woman in her vehicle.

VSP Sgt. Michael T. Conroy contacted the Enterprise on Monday seeking assistance in locating the owner of a utility trailer involved in the crash.

The trailer apparently broke loose from a pickup truck on U.S. 421 and struck a 2002 Toyota Camry driven by Linda Sue Hyden, 49, of Pennington Gap, Va.

“We are still looking for the owner of this trailer,” said Conroy. “The best information we have at this time is it may have came from Kentucky. The trailer may have been used to haul scrap metal or cars. It had a light at the front with a hand crank wench and a wench at the rear for the rear gate.”

Conroy said they believe the trailer came from Kentucky because it didn't have a license plate, which is mandatory in Virginia, but not in Kentucky.

He said witnesses who saw the truck described it as a two-tone blue ‘80s to ‘90s GM, or possibly a Chevrolet. The truck is described as having chrome wheels and big tires.

“Witnesses thought it was a long bed pickup truck with a regular cab, said Conroy. “The driver of the truck had stopped up the road from the accident, but did not come back to help at the scene.”

Conroy said anyone in Harlan County who knows who owns the trailer or a truck should call the Virginia State Police at (276) 228-3131.

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