Friday, October 22, 2010

Do it right, or risk killling someone Trailer Life...Loose Trailer

Trailer Life

Posted August 2 2010 11:49 AM by Mr8Lug
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How many times do people have to tell you to be careful when trailering? Remember this picture. Kevin Busta is lucky to be alive after someone didn’t respect the damage a loose trailer can cause. Someone decided that it would be “good enough” to use a 1 7/8-inch ball on a 2 5/16-inch hitch and then didn’t bother to hook up the safety chains. Maybe the trailer didn’t even have safety chains at all. When the trailer (predictably) came loose it shot across three lanes of highway and into oncoming traffic, directly in Kevin’s path.

Kevin hit the trailer head-on at 60 mph and his Dodge flipped end-over-end seven times, coming to rest 262 feet down the road. Kevin was airlifted to the hospital and was lucky to survive. He’s fine now, but let this horrific crash be a reminder that you can’t take trailering lightly. Thanks to Sina Norris for the photo.

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