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Halestorm endures hazards of the road Loose Trailer

December 17, 4:41 PMBoise Music ExaminerRustyn Rose

One side of rock and roll that most fans don't see or think about is how much time bands spend driving from location to location. Newer bands don't have a fancy tour bus. Most drive vans or RVs, pulling trailers, and living in cramped quarters. They do all of this to bring the music to the fans.

At this time of year touring can be especially fretful and dangerous because of weather conditions. This morning, Pennsylvania based rockers Halestorm endured a slight bump in the road. While on their way to their shows in Mississippi, their equipment trailer came loose of their RV. Vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale twittered;

Our gear trailer came loose this morning, separated from Bouncin' Betty, across the highway and tipped on its side in the medium. No one was hurt. Miraculously, all the gear seems ok.

It is always inspiring to see the bands who care as much about their fans, as the fans do about the music. Lesser bands might call the show off, but the Halestorm gang would never give less than 110% for their fans. Give them two tin cans and a tennis racket and they'll McGyver through.

Either way we were gonna have a show, worst case, maybe all acoustic or borrowing one of the opening bands equipment. But we are on our way!

Fortunately, the band made it safely to the club (The Fire) in Jackson, Mississippi, where the show will go on. Drummer Arejay Hale twittered upon arrival, "Thank you rock tour gods! We made it to The Fire in Jackson! Can't wait rock out Mississippi!!"

That's devoation that too few bands seem to have these days, and one of the reasons the group has such a loyal following. If you haven't checked them out yet, you can read more about Halestorm here.

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