Tuesday, November 4, 2008

His trailer fish-tailed all over the highway

The West Coast Express commuter trains that run from Mission to Vancouver BC have an extended bus service that parallels the train trips offering mid day trips to/from Vancouver.

This morning the second bus of the morning crashed within view of the Port Haney station just before its 10:49 departure time.

Local TV news is reporting the driver passed out just as he was turning off the highway. His bus careened across a sidewalk and lawn, just missed a fire hydrant, snapped off a tree, crossed the road and went over an embankment coming to rest against some cedar trees. Its these trees that kept the bus from possibly rolling over.

The TV report also stated that the driver and one passenger went to hospital for treatment. There were no serious injuries.

While I was on the scene a second traffic incendent occured right in front of me. A young fellow driving a pick-up, and pulling a loaded utility trailer, managed to loose control. His trailer fish-tailed all over the highway and slammed into the traffic island within view of the officials tending to the bus incident. I managed to capture and action photo of his trailer wiping out. The driver cussed a blue streak when he emerged from his truck. Police and reporters came running to see what it was all about. A loaded semi hauling fresh cut lumber was right there as well. My personal observation was the young driver was trying to speed past the semi. Excessive speed likely caused him to loose control. Police on the scene were busy with a ticket book when I left.

Anyway...here's several photos of the crash scene.

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