Monday, October 13, 2008

Flying Boat Kills Motorcyclist

Note: What training did the person towing the boat receive?
What condition was the trailer in?
Did anybody inspect the trailer and car??

Was the combination of the trailer and car towing the trailer within the towing capacity of the
station wagon?

By Jeff Muniz

A Kingston Mines man riding his motorcycle dies after a boat was thrown off its trailer on Route 24 Saturday afternoon. Authorities say a Glasford man driving a station wagon and pulling a boat hit a center guardrail around 3:30 p.m.

The crash sent the boat flying off its trailer and into the opposite lane where it hit a motorcycle being driven by 37-year-old Bernard Faust. The Peoria County Coroner says Faust died about 45 minutes later at the scene.

Authorities say he was not wearing a helmet and an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

Police say the driver of the station wagon, Robert Hartman from Glasford, says he blacked out. Hartman was issued a ticket for failure to reduce speed.

The crash closed eastbound 24 for a couple hours.

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