Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trailer takes truck along for a ride

GINA B. GOOD / PVT An overturned trailer on Homestead Road near the corner of Ward Court prompted quick response from Nye County deputies and Pahrump Valley Fire Rescue personnel last Wednesday. Neither Michael Alley, right, nor his passenger was injured.

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Aug. 29, 2008

Trailer takes truck along for a ride


Michael Alley of Pahrump was involved in a minor accident Aug. 20 while towing a trailer carrying a junked vehicle behind his 2004 Ford F150 pickup.

There were no injuries to Alley or his passenger, who were traveling southbound on Homestead Road.

"I'm a good driver and have a lot of experience towing, but (the trailer) just got away from me," said Alley, who added that he was only going 35 mph when the trailer started to sway from side to side. It overturned and dragged Alley's custom-painted pickup along for the ride.

The truck suffered blown-out rear tires and sustained a bashed-in left rear wheel well plus an assortment of sizeable dents.

"The only thing hurt is my feelings," Alley said as he surveyed the damage. He owns two additional F150s and intends to switch out one of the older truck beds with the one damaged in the accident.

Alley was towing the trailer for a friend, who showed up with a large tractor to move the rolled-over trailer off the road.

The owner of the junked car then brought in a flatbed semi-truck and used the tractor to put all the wrecked trailer parts and other road debris on the flatbed, leaving the road and shoulder clear for traffic.

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