Thursday, April 3, 2008

Horses Killed in I-81 Crash

The driver of the pick-up truck hauling the horse trailer believes the trailer came loose from the hitch and hit the guide rail.

By Josh Brogadir

Two horses had to be put down today after a crash on Interstate 81that restricted traffic in Susquehanna County. A pick-up truck was carrying a horse trailer that came loose from the truck.

One of the horses was just born last month on the driver's farm and the animals were soon to return to their owners.

No people were hurt but two horses, a mare and her four-week-old foal, had to be put down.

Troopers said the driver of a pick-up truck was headed south on Interstate 81. When a big rig went by, the trailer broke loose and hit the guide rail.

Police said the driver, Kathy Whitmore of Brackney, Susquehanna County, thinks a strong gust from the rig may have knocked the trailer off the hitch.

The first veterinarian to arrive at the scene, Dr. Henry Nebzydoski, gave the horses steroids for shock but in the end, he could not save the animals.

Whitmore's veterinarian, Dr. Ellen Johnson, then arrived from Tioga County, New York.

"They attended to the foal first, thinking they had the best chance of saving the foal. He treated both animals for shock immediately, but neither one was able to respond and to stand or to get up," explained Dr. Johnson.

Whitmore and her passenger were visibly shaken. They were driving the thoroughbreds from Whitmore's farm in Brackney.

"She's devastated. She really cares for all the animals in her charge and she's very upset. Thank God that no people were injured or killed and no other vehicles were involved," added Dr. Johnson.

The horse trailer was then towed away as emergency crews reopened both lanes of the interstate.

The mare was in Pennsylvania at Whitmore's farm to be foaled, which means she gave birth to the baby horse and was cared for there. Both horses were owned by a family in upstate New York.

When they heard about the crash, they told the veterinarian to put the animals down so they would not suffer any more.

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